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Hip Hop is an arena full of competitors trying to keep themselves separated from the pack.  Since Jay Z first stated that he didn’t write his rhymes, it seems like everybody is going with the concept of no pen and pad.

For some like T.I. and Lil Wayne, the end result is usually something to look forward to, but unfortunately for others, they just look somewhat stupid and people pray that they didn’t really write down the ignorance that came out their mouth.

Pusha T, half of the Clipse, responds to the idea of “freestyling” records, as he is a rapper that takes the time out to actually pen down his thoughts and craft them into songs he develops.

For those that boast about not writing, Pusha states that the idea is actually pretty stupid to him as most aren’t as good as they believe at freestyling and they are actually taking away from themselves when the final product is done.

Speaking with Artist Direct, the Virginia rapper elaborates on his qualms with some rappers that aren’t with writing rhymes anymore.

“To me, not too many people are good at freestyling. Everyone always talks about how they freestyle lyrics. Freestyling lyrics with no depth is stupid to me. That’s corny. I can do that. I’ve done it, and it’s never as detailed as it could be. Someone like Jay Z that does that has mastered it. People try to mimic, but they don’t understand, you can mimic the process but you have to master it to have that type of effect.”

Artists such as Drake and Nicki Minaj have been scrutinized for writing down rhymes, but let’s be honest:  How many rappers can actually rap off the top and sound good?  There are too many that leap off that cliff and plummet to their death.

Trust me guys, there’s nothing wrong with thinking before speaking, you’re not simple animals.