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The brewing war of words between Harry Belafonte and Jay Z has sparked discussion of a gap between generations with similar intentions but different methods. Belafonte challenged the mogul on his work outside music, to which Jay responded unfavorably. Powerful media figure Oprah Winfrey offered her take on the feud.


Sitting with The Urban Daily for an exclusive chat, Ms. Winfrey is gearing up for her return to the big screen in Lee Daniel’s upcoming film, The Butler. In the film, Winfrey plays Gloria Gaines, wife to husband and butler, Cecil (Forest Whitaker), and mother to their militant son, Louis (Daniel Oyelowo). Serving as the bridge between father and son, Winfrey spoke about the role and the conflict within the family unit.

However, Winfrey’s take on Jay Z’s and Belafonte’s clash stood out as well.

“Who’s right? Harry Belafonte, or Jay Z,” Oprah asked rhetorically. “Both are right. For Harry Belafonte’s day and his way of operating in the world and what was necessary with the marches and his way, that was necessary for that time.”

Winfrey added, “Jay Z, he does through his music, through is work, through is art, also necessary. Both are right.”

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Check out The Urban Daily‘s interview with Oprah Winfrey below.

Photo: The Oprah Winfrey Show