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Would you use a coupon on the first date? The cast of Think Like A Man Too weighed in.

The brewing war of words between Harry Belafonte and Jay Z has sparked discussion of a gap between generations with similar intentions but different methods. Belafonte challenged the mogul on his work outside music, to which Jay responded unfavorably. Powerful media figure Oprah Winfrey offered her take on the feud.

Jay-Z is a busy man. So can you blame him if he forgets to return the occasional phone call? Well, recently legendary singer/songwriter Paul Anka—and last year actor Robert De Niro—took offense to Hova’s alleged holier than thou attitude when it comes to proper phone etiquette.

From pimp slapping Target employees to leading cops on chases to multiple arrests to taking up cause of the racist Washing Washington Football Team name (that’s not so bad, actually), Katt Williams just may be officially off his rocker. Nevertheless, fellow actor and comedian Marlon Wayans has advice for Mr. Williams. 

Being a Black cop in The Bronx in the 80’s during the Crack Era couldn’t have been easy. But there was at least one that managed to make his mark on those gritty BX streets. “I had more cops at my 5th birthday party than the Puerto Rican Day Parade,” says Carter, known to most […]

Rihanna Plays Weapons Officer in Upcoming Battleship Movie [Video]   Rihanna’s dropping the s*xy outfits she’s known for in favor of camouflage gear and fatigues in her upcoming movie Battleship.  In the war on the water movie, the Bajan Pop star plays Raikes, a Naval weapons officer. Click here and head on over to The […]

M.O.P. Will Read To Your Kids! [Video]   There is a great moment in Katt Williams stand-up The Pimp Chronicles where he chastises some Black men for being hardcore 24/7. You angry at breakfast? You gang-bangin on bacon?? The truth is no one can be hardcore all the time, even the most intense MCs on the […]

Most of the rappers you care about have children, but most of their young ones stay under the radar. Every now and then they make appearances with their famous parents, and here’s a look at some of hip-hop’s kids. Peep some of your favorite MCs and their seeds at The Urban Daily.