Tavon “Bulldog” White, the alleged Black Guerrilla Family kingpin who ran a drug operation from inside a Baltimore jail, pleaded guilty on Tuesday (August 6) to federal racketeering charges. White later pleaded guilty to attempted murder charges as well.

The Baltimore Sun has been closely following the case after the April indictment of 25 people connected to the operation, including 13 female correction officers.

White, 36, said in federal court that he rose in the ranks of the Black Guerrilla gang swiftly and used the assistance of the Baltimore City Detention Center guards to move drugs and cell phones into the facility. Along the way, White impregnated four of the corrections officers.

Of the indicted individuals, White is the first  to plead guilty while the others have denied the charges against him. It was later reported that one of the officers intends to plead guilty also.

White was convicted of a second-degree attempted murder charge and sentenced to 20 years in a state case on Tuesday in a separate hearing. White’s attorney and the federal government have not agreed on the proper sentence for the racketeering case and has asked for additional time. White faces a maximum of 20 years in that case.

White’s rise in the gang began back in 2000 while he was serving time for a 1996 second-degree murder conviction. Spending much of the last 10 years in and out of jail, an attempted murder charge in 2009 landed him at the Baltimore center for good.

Photo: Anne Arundel Correctional

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