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What do you get when you place Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez in a car for a long time in Bulgaria? Find out the answer after the break.

Yesterday (August 21), we were on hand at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel nearby New York’s famed Central Park for a presser with the two stars of director Courtney Solomon‘s Getaway. The adventure-action-thriller mixes a blend of elements in an homage to the likes of Steve McQueen and other legendary anti-heroes.

The film tells the story of a husband, Brent Magna (Hawke), who is forced by a mysterious villain to perform a series of tasks, including theft and kidnapping. He must do these things to save his kidnapped wife, played by Rebecca Budig. A skilled driver in his own right, Hawke’s character is joined by “The Kid” (Gomez), as his partner-in-crime. Together they must work to save the day from the evil Jon Voight, whose character is simply listed as “The Voice” on IMDB.

There’s plenty of car crashes, explosions, shootouts, exhilarating car chases in this film, as Getaway finds Ethan Hawke more like Ethan Hulk on the screen.

While we were in attendance at the press junket, the two stars (Hawke and Gomez) talked about the filming process, their first cars, and more in this first account look at Getaway.

You can check out the trailer for the film and what we learned on the next pages.

Photos: Warner Bros.

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