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As MTV gears up for the 2013 Video Music Awards this weekend, street posters in Brooklyn featuring lyrics of scheduled act Kanye West, with images of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman have appeared. writes that the posters, which features racy lines from West’s “New Slaves,” appear to make a statement regarding the murder trial of Zimmerman. The lines “I’d rather be a d-ck than a swallower” appear on the plain white posters with cartoon-style drawings of Martin in a hoodie and a suited Zimmerman as he appeared in court.

What also turned heads is that the MTV VMAs logo was also featured onto the hand-drawn posters, along with a “#VMA” hashtag. MTV has not unleashed an official statement regarding the posters, but did note in a tweet to Al Jazeera that the network had nothing to do with them. Representatives for West were contacted but there has been no word yet from the camp.

Perhaps this was the handiwork of a Yeezy fan really excited about the upcoming performance this Sunday? Who knows.

Check out photos of the posters on the following pages.

Photos: DeBenedetto

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