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Obtaining a scholarship isn’t typically easy. Sure there are some gimmies like the scholarship for being left handed or the bread your church gives you for actually doing something with your life. But, viagra no prescription for the most part, getting free ducats to attend college takes a lot of hard work and dedication either in the classroom, chorus room, band room or on the field of play.

Juicy J recently turned that theory on its head after oddly offering $50,000 worth of scholarship money to the girl with the best twerk game. We applaud the Trippy One for his charitable efforts. Hey, some of y’all outchea twerkin’ for Instagram and Vine likes, don’t hate. Juicy’s offer got us to thinking. Surely there are some other entertainers with creative ways to blow money for the good cause of a child’s education.

Here are 10 other rappers and R&B singers who should offer scholarship cheese, and the deeds they could offer the mula for.

Photo: VH1

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