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New York City, once the mecca of Hip-Hop, has become a former shell of itself, and this was before Kendrick Lamar’s highly lauded “Control” verse reared its ugly head.

How K. Dot’s King of NY claim will affect the concrete jungle’s indigenous MCs over time remains to be seen, but UM (formerly Uncle Murda) looks to prove that his hometown is still a viable source for music regardless.

Understanding that nothing gets done watching from the sideline, the Brooklyn native proactively changed his moniker to one less offensive to advance in his career. “The Murda thing been holding me back for the longest,” he told Hip-Hop Wired.

Some would contend that this is far from true considering the looks UM’s gotten during his career. Then again, his name has scared off club promoters and other means to a better financial end. He admits, “We changed the name for the money.”

With a fresh start, Murda said, “We going to outshine everybody,” before adding, “it’s time to put this sh*t back in a whole different zone.”

His latest material includes the aptly titled “New York City,” featuring Waka Flocka Flame and Vado, and a less than timely “Control” response. UM ensures that more music is on the way, and that he plans to debut songs from his artist Chanti McCoy soon.

History suggests that UM’s passion for his native New York is there. Only time will tell if the music will compare, though.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired