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In the late 1980’s the popularity of male light skinned entertainers sky rocketed as singers and actors of the waffle color shade claimed the pretty boy swag with pride. As a result the general population of men looked to make their hair wavy and leather pants went into high demand.

But with the light skinned renaissance foster the connotation of its team member being overly meticulous with their grooming, appearance and a commitment to being “free” with their feelings – we all know the type. Nevertheless these individual’s impact should be celebrated!

The Internets has shown no chill in their recent #teamlightskin memes so let’s be clear we are just poking fun and our intention is not to start an online race war. All our different shades should be embraced, so don’t consider this a redux of the paper bag test. That said here are the 11 greatest team light skin members of all time. Let us know if we missed any one via social media or in the comments section below.

Photos: Universal, Sony, TAO, BET, Prestige

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