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dead prez has a few issues with President Obama’s Stimulus Plan. M1 and spoke exclusively with Hip-Hop Wired about how $3.2 billion is being used to further drive the prison industrial complex. stated, “ I’m just urging people to do the research so that they can be familiar with what their government is doing under the administration, not just listening to the rhetoric of rappers or politicians, but just going to get the facts for your own knowledge. A lot of people seem to think that the stimulus package is somehow going to be a check that will help people, in some way, financially or stimulate the economy. You are, however, spending your money and giving it back to businesses that is not owned in our own community.

The reality is that a lot of the billions of dollars that could be used for our education, healthcare, etc. are going towards military spending and still going towards the prison industrial complex under this administration. We can’t get so happy, in the historical nature, about having a Black man in office to the fact that we forget to look at politics for the way that they are. We have to still be critical because we have Black police that take us to the Black jails and Black judges that sentence us to the white ones. Just because we have a Black politician in the oval office, that doesn’t mean that the White House isn’t still the White house.”

dead prez’s third installment of their Turn Off The Radio mixtape series is also enlightening the streets. Connecting with DJ Green Lantern for the latest mixtape, M1 added, “…It’s a brand new expression between our marriage of flows and his vibrations of the drums and sounds. I think Green had his ear to the street with his sound and I think that he’s been effective with Nas, Immortal Technique, etc.”

The revolutionary duo is also finishing up their official album Information Age which is slated for release later this year.