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Fans can always count on dead prez to provide a refreshing helping of substance in the midst of an influx of superficial Hip-Hop found on popular radio. Earlier today, Complex premiered a new set of visuals by the duo for “No Way As The Way,” directed by Danny Hastings, that sticks to their brand of thought provoking music.

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M1 of dead prez and Nas have often collaborated in the past and are back together for this new record, “Genocide Highway.”

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When it comes to Gunplay, and more importantly Gunplay videos, you can count on seeing some wild stuff. This video is no different. The “Human L.A. Riot” looks slightly unstable in his new video for “M1.” There is something about Gunplay’s record that scares you, entertains you, and makes you feel worried for his well […]


M1, one half of the rap group dead prez, will be on a speaking tour from September 23 through the 29th. The tour is entitled “From The Ghetto To Gaza.” The rapper is set to hit up East and West Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Sonoma, San Jose and Santa Cruz with seven events in seven […]


Spanning back to ‘96, dead prez has been a group that seemed to be outside of the norm. In a time where every rapper was advocating drug dealing, violence, etc., dead prez took the opposite route and tried to uplift Black America in touching political subjects and demanding the need for a revolution and the […]


dead prez has a few issues with President Obama’s Stimulus Plan. M1 and spoke exclusively with Hip-Hop Wired about how $3.2 billion is being used to further drive the prison industrial complex. stated, “ I’m just urging people to do the research so that they can be familiar with what their government is […]