Streetwear staple Supreme has linked up with the OG woke Hip-Hop duo dead prez for a capsule collection. Guaranteed to be worn by kids who have no idea who M-1 and stic actually are—and whether that’s good or bad is debatable.


When Hip-Hop was at it’s peak as far as lyrical content and overall originality, Dead Prez were on a plane on their own as they were considered the voice of the revolution with their thought-provoking rhymes and pro-Black themes. Then came the mumble era.


Afropunk 2018 is best known for its festival style and stellar performances. Toyota, one of the festivals top sponsors held a panel as a part of the overall Afropunk Brooklyn experience focusing on African Americans actively engaging and participating in sustainable living.


On Tuesday (August 6) in Washington, D.C., the “revolutionary but gangsta” group dead prez thrilled audiences at the historic Howard Theater. With well more than a decade in the game, and M-1 have been dropping their politically-charged brand of Hip-Hop consistently with no signs of slowing down. HipHopWired caught up with them backstage after […]

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M1 of dead prez and Nas have often collaborated in the past and are back together for this new record, “Genocide Highway.”

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Election time is almost upon us. But that doesn’t mean everyone is excited about either candidate or licking their chops to stand in line to place their vote. Lupe Fiasco has already stated that he is more than likely staying home on election day. But he isn’t the only rapper who may be skipping out […]

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Dream Hampton’s recent allegations about Nas supposedly using Jay Electronica and dead prez as ghostwriters on his 2008 album Untitled caused pandemonium that went past the initial allegations throughout the internets for much of the latter half of August. Just as things began to simmer down, dead prez recently spoke their peace on the situation with the Sway In the […]

News of dead prez wants to make it very clear that he never worked as a ghostwriter for Nas. After releasing a statement on Facebook yesterday, Vibe contacted and he reaffirmed his original stance. In direct response to writer dream hampton’s Twitter post, and a story on Rappers I Know, exposing both he and […]


Hip-Hop is still reeling from the possibility that the prolific writing ability displayed by Nas could potentially be the work of someone else, and now of dead prez is speaking out on the issue. is one of the two people— the other being Jay Electronica— who writer dream hampton revealed as being ghostwriters on the […]


Nas claims that he doesn’t use a ghostwriter, but veteran scribe dream hampton begs to differ. Hampton and the rest of the Hip-Hop Twitterverse were in a fury Monday (Aug. 13) night, debating over whether or not the Queensbridge MC–who will headline Rock the Bells in San Bernardino, Calif. Sunday (Aug. 19)– used someone else’s […]

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Quick note: Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman, has yet to be arrested. That said; Yasiin Bey, dead prez  and Mike Flo connected down in Florida to record a tribute song to the late teenager called “Made You Die.” The video below features behind the scenes footage of the MCs recording the track, which utilizes Nas’ “Made […]