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Dream Hampton’s recent allegations about Nas supposedly using Jay Electronica and dead prez as ghostwriters on his 2008 album Untitled caused pandemonium that went past the initial allegations throughout the internets for much of the latter half of August. Just as things began to simmer down, dead prez recently spoke their peace on the situation with the Sway In the Morning crew. The duo remained steadfast in their claims that their contributionsUntitled were limited to production, co-creating choruses, and bouncing around ideas. You know, the typical services of a producer.

Sway posed the question “I would love for you guys to clear up the latest controversy about Nas and if someone wrote lyrics for Nas ever for a project,” to which wittily replied “How that sound?”

“Nah. Ghostwriting as far as someone saying ‘Come and write my verse for me?’ That didn’t happen,” said “But we did get to work with Nas extensively on the N-Word album, the Untitled album, collaborated, co-writing hooks and doing a lot of production is what I did. That rumor just jumped out of somewhere, but it was bigger than us and it had nothing to do with what we did. We were just thankful for the opportunity.”

M-1 chimed in, expressing his disdain for the whole situation, adding “It’s funny how something like this can discredit an artist, totally. Even just the rumor of this has this feel. I feel like it’s funny.”

“Nas is a phenomenal artist. He’s been the cornerstone for definitely a whole generation, and his movement is strong, he’s amazing, he’s as brilliant as he’s ever been. No matter what, whether he collaborated with somebody, Nas is who he is because he is alive and doing what he’s doing. That shouldn’t even be questioned at all. I feel like the issue at all is trivial. I feel like in the face of people who doing real things and making real contributions, let’s look at that.” finished by spinning the question, asking “How many rappers or just entertainers have books out that’s written by somebody else?”

The full footage can be seen below and check the next page to hear dead prez speak on their forthcoming album, Information Age, releasing October.


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