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Election time is almost upon us. But that doesn’t mean everyone is excited about either candidate or licking their chops to stand in line to place their vote. Lupe Fiasco has already stated that he is more than likely staying home on election day. But he isn’t the only rapper who may be skipping out on punching his ticket for the next President because he feels the government is corrupt as a whole.

Over the years, a number of rappers have expressed their disgust with government policies and the President himself, through scathing songs. Up until recently, when riding with Obama became the thing to do, rappers frequently took shots at the Presi in office and denounced the government’s shady moves. Some of these songs are so raw, honestly, we are surprised these rappers didn’t turn up missing on some Jimmy Hoffa ish. Sooooo, if we come up missing on some Jimmy Hoffa ish for this post, you know what happened to us. (Gulp [II])

Here are 10 songs where rappers display their extreme distrust for the powers that be. Yes, that means President Obama, too.


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