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The 1990’s was a special decade for many reasons. Fashion wasn’t so jiggy, Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA with ease and Hip-Hop was living through a golden era. Those years birthed several classic albums that would go on to forever shape the culture. But alongside and sometimes behind those rappers who crafted those timeless works of art was their crew.
This includes friends, industry associates, rhyming partners, producers and more. In the 1990’s we saw artists step outside of their record label home to collaborate with other talent and peers in an organic fashion that resulted in some timeless records and moments. So we take a look back at the most important Rap crews and collectives of the 1990’s.

Compiling such a list was no easy feat, but who other than Hip-Hop Wired to step up to plate?

Photos: Tommy Boy, The Source Magazine, XXL Magazine

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