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The National Football League is notorious for plenty of high-stakes injuries that happen often during games. However, one Arizona Cardinals player suffered one of the most bizarre injuries ever after losing part of his finger on a routine tackle.

Several outlets picked up the story of Arizona safety Rashad Johnson losing the tip of his left middle finger in a contest against the New Orleans Saints yesterday (Sept. 22). Johnson, playing in a special teams formation, tackled Saints player Darren Sproles during a punt return. After he removed his glove, the tip of his finger was gone down to the knuckle. In true gladiator fashion, Johnson wrapped up his hand and went on to keep playing in his team’s 31-7 loss.

Johnson had surgery Sunday night, and Sports Illustrated captured tweets from Arizona Republic sports writer Kent Somers that helped the story move. The Los Angeles Times reports that Johnson, according to Somer’s tweets, had his finger’s bone shaved down as doctors made additional repairs.

Thankfully, images of the missing finger have yet to surface and Johnson is expected to make a full recovery.

Photo: USA Today Sports