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Part two of Zane Lowe’s intimate discussion with Kanye West has released, and it’s as entertaining as the first. Continuing from what we saw last, the rapper says Hip-Hop is the new Rock & Roll, and that he easily sits atop of the proverbial mountain of stars.

That said, the conversation segues into how a creative, such as himself, can be stifled by an industry that isn’t willing to make room for innovation. There was an obvious implication on the role race played in this, too.

“We got this new thing called classism; it’s racism’s cousin. This is what we do to hold people back. This is what we do. And we got this other thing that’s also been working for a long time, where you doing have to be racist anymore; it’s called self hate. It’s works on itself; it’s like real estate of racism,” West explained.

According to the G.O.O.D. Music founder, this is the reason why “I Am A God” and the concept behind it was met with such angst.

“Would it been better if I had a song that said, ‘I am a n***er?’ Or if I had a song that said, ‘I am a gangster?’ Or if I had a song that said, ‘I am a pimp?’,” the MC questioned.

Hear Kanye West speak more about pushing boundaries, why “New Slaves” affected the perception of Yeezus, and more.

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