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Fashion in Hip-Hop has come a long way since its beginnings in the early 1980’s. Back then b-boys could get fly for relatively cheap–throw on a pair of Lee jeans, some shell toes with a nylon shirt and you were good money. While some of those golden era brands like Kangol and Bally would go on to become fashion staples, the Furious Five spandex swag should never be allowed to come back.

But surprisingly enough there are still many current day rappers are making sartorial choices that might be just as bad. Whether it’s due to their own poor taste or the result of a struggle stylist dressing them, some of your favorite rappers are looking bad out here.

You’ll find some of today’s most popular Rap artists in their most suspect fashion moments in the following pages. Let us know your favorite fashion fail in the comments.

Photos: BET, YouTube, XXL

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