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The chapter of the National Socialist Movement in Colorado, a white  supremacist group, will be heading out on the roads to pick up litter in the Mile High State.  Calling itself America’s Nazi Party, the  organization is participating in an Adopt-A-Highway program and will be responsible for picking up trash along a 1-mile (1.6-kilometer) stretch of highway in a suburb north of Denver.

A sign is already up in the area with the group’s name on it.  The state allowed the charity work because it could be in violation of the group’s freedom of speech if denied.  Stacy Stegman, a spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Transportation, stated,

“Our initial inclination was to deny their application.  We really had no grounds to deny them.  We were considering on denying them based on the fact that there could be a potential for violence not that there was.  Right now we’re giving them the benefit  of the doubt. “

Neal Land, a Corporal in the Nazi organization also added that they intend to make their presence even further known in the area.

“We stand for white rights… purity of race.   I want people to know that we’re here in this state and we’re active in this state and most of all we’re doing good things in this state.  We’re not a group out there selling drugs, running guns.  We don’t support any illegal activities of any sort. Yes we’re gonna be active with community services.  Yes we’re gonna be active with demonstrations.  Yes we’re gonna be active with handbills and flyers.”

These dudes better be careful… For some reason a  hit-and-run is foreseeable in their future.

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