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With the revival of Beanie Sigel and Freeway, it feels as though there has been something else missing coming from Philadelphia.  The punch line fanatic himself, Cassidy the Hustler.

Since 2007, Cassidy has linked up with the Denver Nugget’s own Carmelo Anthony and joined his record label Krossover Entertainment.  Looking to return to the rap game, there is an echo of 2005’s I’m A Hustla with his upcoming project C.A.S.H., broken down as Cass Always Spit Hard or Cass A Straight Hustler.

Recently flooding the streets with freestyles in preparation for his upcoming mixtape Apply Pressure Pt. 2, expected to drop February 5,  Cass is on his usual grind mode that he’s had since 2003 when he first emerged in the mainstream.

“They say it’s a recession. I call my album C.A.S.H. because everybody needs money,” said Cassidy, while speaking with MTV.

“I feel as though everybody that’s a fan of hip-hop or a fan of music period, they need to come and support artists like me, because you gonna see hip-hop fall off the map, like other forms of music, if you don’t. I don’t feel it’s going down a good path right now. I think they need to support artists like me that’s really gonna put his all into it, go hard, be lyrical and be original, not a follower.”

He also provided an update with what’s coming next once the focus is purely on the actual album.

“I got a street record to shake up the industry. I’m dropping that in two weeks. I’m gonna let that rock and come back with the real single.”

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