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You can see a sense of Darwinism happening in the growing pool of Los Angeles rappers. A certain good kid from Compton currently rests comfortably as the king of all he surveys on his coast, but the list of talented, local wordsmiths span way past him and his TDE Clique. With that, we place a scope on Kid Ink, a not-so-up-and-comer not that accomplished much on the underground front, but hasn’t quite permeated mainstream radio.

Fairly young, the LA native hopes to rise Hip-Hop’s ranks with his major label debut, My Own Lane. With a December release date reportedly set in stone, you can rest assured that Kid Ink is straddling the line between a rapper’s expected confidence and the stomach-turning uneasiness of first album jitters. But he’s up to the challenge, nonetheless, and rests assured that he has records to back it up.

Who: Kid Ink, 27-years-old, is a Southern California resident that’s deeply entrenched into music. However, lyric penmanship wasn’t always his hustle. But rather, he’s a producer-turned-rapper. No, he didn’t take Kanye West’s route either. Kid Ink was once dedicated to manning the boards, and has work with the likes of Sean “Diddy” Combs, Nispey Hussle, Sean Kingston, and more to prove it. But this changed after a few years of helping other artists craft tracks. He officially caught the rapper bug, and it was, as they say, “all she wrote.”

Credentials: Kid Ink got right to work when he introduced himself on the microphone in 2010 via his World Tour mixtape. But it was a follow-up project titled Crash Landing — released the same year — that garnered him a buzz. With a group of fans and other onlookers’ interests piqued, the rhymer would have a constant progression that included three more mixtapes, his recently released Almost Home EP, and a spot on XXL’s 2012 Freshman Class.

Fun Fact: As you may or may not know, his rap alias is more than a moniker, it’s a lifestyle. Kid Ink prides himself on his tattoos, and currently has too many to count.

Photo: Instagram/RCA Records

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