Kid Ink could easily be compared to Wiz Khalifa if you’re comparing body ink. Separately, streetwear has been a consistent style choice for rappers these past few years. That’s why, for him, it’ll always boil down to the creating good music.

“From the album, I definitely want the fans that know me and rock with me to see the growth. I feel like I’ve definitely grown from what people see as a mixtape artist or an underground artist,” Kid Ink said. “Listening to the music, I hope people get and understand the grind and hard work.”

He continued, “People are definitely going to get that more from the music, than judging me off a look or one song that’s on the radio or the single, or something like that.”

December is when listeners can gauge whether or not Kid Ink delivers with My Own Lane. There’s no concrete date yet, but according to the rapper, fans will be unwrapping the plastic before Christmas. Here’s to hoping that Kid Ink can efficiently display his humility, maturity, ability to appeal to commercial radio, and producer background on wax. If so, we’d say that he could be around for years to come.

The Essentials:

“I Just Want It All”

“Bossin’ Up”

“Bad Ass”

“Show Me”

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