As his career progresses, Kid Ink will learn to completely ignore the rap peanut gallery that frequents the blogosphere. Besides, his talent was enough to earn himself a major label deal at RCA Records, a space with a growing roster of MCs, including A$AP Mob.

Now, the intangible aspects of his career — branding, promotion, and the like — are as integral to his hopefully impending success than ever before. “It’s a struggle trying to do the album thing and the label thing, and then still also be a viral artist too at the same time.”

Through it all, Kid Ink has managed to adamantly work on My Own Lane as it nears its deadline, awhile prepping and releasing four visuals for songs from Almost Home.

He looks extremely comfortable rapping alongside Casey Veggies in the video for “I Know Who You Are” and kept his bravado similar in the small screen adaptation for “Sunset.” To be frank, he has all the makings of a star. But to some, his heavily tattooed exterior and clothing choices — much of which are from his crew Tha Alumni — make his look similar to artists that are already commercially successful.

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