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Although America hopped on the twerking dance bandwagon after former Disney princess Miley Cyrus brought the booty-centric dance to the mainstream, most folks knew she was not the inventor of the craze. Pioneering twerk dancing sisters, The Twerk Team, have turned their bouncing bottoms into a viable business and largely look past Cyrus in their rise to the top.

Life+Times spoke with Twerk Team’s Lady Luscious, 22, and Mizz TwerkSum, 21, along with their manager mother, Leslie Willis. It appears twerking has taken the ladies across the globe and landed them high-profile cameos in videos from popular rappers Wale and French Montana as well.

From Life+Times:

“We don’t feel any way about it but I feel like people want us to,” says Lady Luscious of the Atlanta-based twosome, the Twerk Team. “Our whole movement is about girl power, so if you’re black, white or Asian and you can twerk. But Miley Cyrus twerking is not our twerking. She’s just a fan who is showing it to a whole different ethnic group, you have to give her her props for that.”

“We make good money and we’ve never had to work,” Mizz TwerkSum adds, both sisters dabbled in college but decided it wasn’t their calling. “We go around the world to places like South Africa and the Bahamas, meet our fans and live how we want to live.”

The good money quip is something to behold, with the sisters reportedly earning $5,000 appearance fees which are soon to be on the rise. But some critics have taken umbrage with Willis managing the career of her daughters, considering the suggestive nature of what they do. Willis has an answer for naysayers.

“It ain’t like they’re taking off their clothes, and that’s the first thing that people want to criticize,” said Willis. “Just being in the industry period you’re going to hear it and everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But these are my baby girls, and really I could give a sh-t less.”

Didn’t Cyrus say white people made twerking lame and she’s stopped doing it? Oh.

Photo: Twerk Team

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