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Grand opening, grand closing. That’s how fast fame can come and go. And when you consider how finicky Hip-Hop fans are; rappers truly tread a fine line between greatness and has been status.

Right before the final descent of becoming a distant memory is the often painful gradual slide into obscurity. The records stop connecting with the people, you start to shrink within the public eye and the media feels like it is open season to take shots at you. While many rappers choose to ignore the obvious, there are several indications of their popularity is diminishing before their very eyes.

So we present 10 signs a rapper is falling off. Whether you’re a rapper on a major label or still paying your dues on the chitlin circuit, this will serve as your public service announcement.

If you fall into several of these categories then consider yourself warned. Let us know what you think should be the number one sign in the comments section.

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