It was a rough week for many franchises this week in football. With the tragic passing of Adrian Peterson’s two year old son, many hoped to draw inspiration from his loss in week six of the NFL season. Some stepped up on occasion but many remained on the struggle bus.

The New York Giants continue to puzzle the football community as Eli Manning and company just can’t get it together. Matt Schaub is poised to be the sad sack story of the year with his penchant for error.

Additionally Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrell Pryor still believes his squad will make the playoffs even after getting sacked an unprecedented 10 times versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

Need more proof the football struggle life is real? Look no further to the top 10 biggest NFL fail moments from week 6.

Feel free to share your thoughts on these fails in the comments section below.

Photos: YouTube, Deadspin, Walter Thurmand

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