There’s been a bubbling situation between Atlanta’s Rich Homie Quan and Future due to comparisons drawn between the two. Today, the former delivers an aggressive track called “A N***a” that’s clearly directed towards the Freebandz frontman.

The track seems to be a rebuttal to comments made by Future during a recent interview with the Sway In The Morning crew.

“I ain’t met a n***a yet f**king with my pimping/ And I ain’t met a n***a yet who can f**k my b**ch/ But if I run into that n***a, I’mma let you know,” chants Quan on the chorus. But later in the track, he actually name drops his hometown counterpart.

“I’m back like the future, n***a/ Quan, you the future, who? Tell ’em!/ Don’t confuse me with Future, n***a/ Pockets fat, Rasputia n***a,” he rhymed.

Now may not be the time to slander Future, since he lost out on a big payout after being booted off of Drake’s “Would You Like A Tour?” because of comments he made in a separate interview.

Hear Rich Homie Quan’s “A N***a” below.

Photo: Liz Barclay

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