With the NBA season drawing near, the anticipation for the 2014 Playoffs is already spilling from the lips of the sports junkies. 2 Chainz used to play a bit of ball in his heyday so that more than qualifies him to catch an earful from ESPN’s First Take biggest talkers in Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

For vanity purposes, the First Take team entertained possibilities of a Chicago Bulls or Brooklyn Net takeover, with 2 Chainz referring to the latter as the “Brooklyn remix because they have the whole Celtics’ team moved to Brooklyn.” But midway through the video, the “truth” as Skip Bayless puts it, was discussed. He thinks Miami Heat are the lone wolves in a valley of sheep and it’s going to take an injury-riddled season and an extreme case of the bubble guts to knock the big boys off their high chair.

We, over here at Hip-Hop Wired don’t believe in saying “never.” There are a good, solid ten teams in the league that could take the ring this season but that’s neither here nor there. The “feds” and the entire sports nation may have been watching but 2 Chainz was rather mum during the debate, save for a few mumbles on occassion.

Nonetheless, let us know what you think D. Rose will do against the Heat come playoff time in the comment section.


Photo: YouTube