Shannon Sharpe returned to his sports program Undisputed with co-host Skip Bayless and the pair got into a heated discussion.

Charles Barkley, apparently no friend Bayless, sparked fear in the wife of the Skip and Shannon: Undisputed co-host, saying she lives in fear due to the former NBA star's alleged death threats.


In an article for GQ Magazine, TV sports host and former journalist Skip Bayless writes about how he's come to fully appreciate and admire former NBA superstar Allen Iverson as the athlete that he was and the person he is. Bayless also confronts his own bias that clouded his viewpoint on the former Sixer at the time.

LeBron James had time for armchair experts critiquing his performance on the court.

Skip Bayless tried it. During a segment of Undisputed, the sports commentator claimed, “They call me Drip Bayless. That’s what they call me on Twitter.”

During a broadcast of FS1's Skip & Shannon: Undisputed, co-host Shannon Sharpe broke out Black & Mild cigarillos and talked his love of cognac on live TV.

Lil Wayne‘s voice is about to be heard on cable television every morning. Former ESPN anchor Skip Bayless has recruited the rapper to create the theme song for his new Fox Sports show Undisputed.

ESPN television personality Skip Bayless and his crazy statements are leaving the network at the end of the NBA Finals.

The Los Angeles Lakers went 21-61 last NBA season and Kobe Bryant’s career is fading in the sunset. That still didn’t prevent longtime guest analyst Lil Wayne from giving a bold prediction on ESPN’s First Take.

Following his stellar opening weekend, Chris Rock is still trailblazing the promotion for his directorial debut, Top Five. Crash landing in the sports realm owned by Cari Champion, Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless, Rock dished on his “top five” basketball stars of all-time as well as the NFL’s much-debated topic to ban the n-word.

Skip Bayless made the mistake of thinking out loud on national television, and the result was pure struggle. According to the ESPN analyst’s logic, Kobe Bryant’s rape case helped the NBA star sell more sneakers. Oh.