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The phrase, “Share the Wealth” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but in the case of Lil Wayne, it’s a direct quote. He may rest on his laurels as a multi-platinum megastar but well before the “Bling Bling” era, he was just another kid in the slums of New Orleans trying to find a better way.

Meet Ian Welsch and his nonprofit organization, The Motivational Edge. As a school teacher in the public school system of Miami, he saw a severe lack of character development in the students and he set out to make a change. “I saw a dire need for more creative and artistic expression-based programs for these inner-city youth weren’t getting in the school system.” The word “motivation” is key in the nonprofit’s overall agenda, seeing that kids running below a C grade point average have mandatory tutoring that keeps them out of extracurricular activities until their status is upped.

And where does Lil Wayne fit in all this? He made a statement that appears on the charity’s website.

Hi, I’m Lil Wayne,

I stand behind the mission of The Motivational Edge not just because I support these kids, but because I was one.

I grew up in New Orleans in a neighborhood called Hollygrove. I didn’t have a lot. What I did have was music and education. I knew that if one didn’t get me out, the other would, but then I finally learned I wouldn’t get out of anything without education. I personally donated to this cause and now we need your help.

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