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“I don’t know her…”

Reality TV star Tila Tequila stirred up controversy after professing to the world that rapper Game was the father of her unborn child.

As previously reported Tequila posted Tweets on her Twitter addressing Game as the man who got her pregnant and saying that he would take her shopping for baby clothes.

Now obviously fed up with the controversy Game is responding.

Speaking to TMZ, Game completely denies the allegations and says that he doesn’t even know Tequila.

Responding to a tweet Tila reposted on her Twitter page of Game reciting a Tupac line about his unborn child, Game says that he does have a baby on the way but not with the reality star.

“I am not the father…I was actually in the studio thinking about the song Tupac made about his unborn child. My son’s mother is pregnant, so I’m going that lane and she took it and ran with it.”

Game then says while he’s met her in passing at various events, he doesn’t really know her and in fact says that a friend of his could be the father.

“I don’t know her…met her in traffic. I might know who the father is…recently she was in the studio, she mess with my boy though…Avante. @Avante Rose. He might be the baby daddy.”

When asked for a final time if there was any way he could have gotten her pregnant Game says,

“Like I said, I wouldn’t use 50’s stick.”

He then added,

“You know Hunter Hearst Helmsley from the WWF he’s also known as the Game maybe she might be talking about him…Triple H.”

Tequila has since responded calling Game a “punk bi*h”, “coward” and “deadbeat dad.”

She also says in 9 months she will take a paternity test to prove it and plans to appear on TMZ Monday to tell her side of the story.

SMH…when media whoring goes wrong.

Come on Tila…