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Quick. Off the top of your head, when’s the last time Fabolous dropped an album? Answer: it doesn’t matter. He’s poppin’ off the strength of mixtapes and guest appearances. The continent of Australia seems to agree with his status to the point they him hang out for two weeks for the Redline Music Tour. My Fabolous Life and Rome documented the Down Under experience with crispy visuals while the brooding sounds of “Young O.G.” play through.

Two weeks can be a long time but Fab & crew, it wasn’t all work ‘n grind. As the footage shows, there was a party in the atmosphere by the time they got to the capital city, Canberra. After taking shots with the lovely ladies of the club, they head out to Melbourne for more shows and photo shoots. From the looks of things, the people gave him his just due; treating him like a rap star. Out of curiosity, would native Aussie, Iggy Azaela get this type of fanfare if she was to return back home with Beyoncé?

That’s to be determined but for now, check out Loso’s Way: The Koala Edition in the gallery and sound off in the comments if you think Fab is poised for a big comeback next year.

Photo: ROME

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