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Earlier this summer, Lupe Fiasco took what he claims was a playful jab at fellow rapper Childish Gambino via Twitter. After the rapper and actor’s appearance on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this week where he checked the Chicago artist, Fiasco responded with a tweet that could reignite the beef.

Gambino was asked during his interview Thursday (Oct. 24) about the  Twitter dust-up and if he’d actually would confront Fiasco. Naturally, the tweet where Bino copied Chief Keef’s menacing “I’ma smack him” threat was just a joke to him.

“He’s smart, too,” Childish Gambino said. “He doesn’t want to fight; that would be a waste of time and money for him.”

Gambino also said, “Here’s the thing. I’m a Lupe fan, to an extent. I liked his Food & Liquor. I liked all that stuff. But he kind of sneak-dissed me.”

Fiasco reacted on Twitter with a trio of tweets that ended on a playful note but could be interpreted in a number of ways.

“To say a n-gga sneak diss is kinda like a sneak diss…cut it out @DonaldGlover,” tweeted Lupe. He added, “I don’t sneak diss…I diss @DonaldGlover…n-gga!…I mean Afro-American…”

It all gets strange when Fiasco’s last salvo read, “Oh and I watch more anime than you” with the rapper adding a wink.

Gambino’s Twitter account has been quiet since Oct. 23. Lupe Fiasco has made his Twitter feed private, perhaps in response to the latest news. Yeah, it makes no sense to us either.

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