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Wale has become infamous for using Twitter to voice his strong opinions and to lash out at critics just as much as he’s known for his music. Over the weekend , however, the D.C. rapper curiously deleted his account after the release of a diss track from a past collaborator.

Southeast Slim, aka Sace, released a new track, “Forever Hitter Quitter,” last week which highlighted how he and Wale first crossed paths as college students at Virginia State University.

With a bond of music and being from the Washington Metro area, the pair met back in 2002. Slim claims that he produced a bulk of the early tracks under the Hitter Quitter banner. In an epic three-part track, Slim checks Wale on taking his career seriously without reaching back to those that helped him. Slim also talks candidly about protecting Wale from his critics, and even uses the Maybach Music Artist’s voice on the track.

On Slim’s AudioMack page, the song description says it all:

If anyone knows Southeast (aka Sace) they know that there was a point in time when he and Wale were “thick as thieves” on the DC Hip Hop Scene; Then something “happened.” Nobody really knows what “happened,” but Wale blew up and Sace, kinda, didn’t. Sace touches on a few topics in this track that may have contributed to his “time” coming now and not “earlier”.

Wale’s account was noticeably absent Sunday (Oct. 27) evening, and a quick scan of Twitter conversations haven’t revealed any news. This isn’t the first time Wale has deleted his account. Embroiled in several public Twitter feuds over the past few years, Wale has resorted to deleting his account almost in a way to silence the back and forth.

Southeast Slim is clearly enjoying the publicity, with the rapper putting up several links to articles related to the absence of Wale on Twitter and how it may connect with his track.

This has the potential to get interesting.

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Check out a clip of Southeast Slim’s “Forever Hitter Quitter” below.

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