While a dose of crazy Christianity was happening down in Oklahoma, the city of Terrell, TX was just faced with the unfathomable. According to police, Charles Brownlow Jr. sent the small town into a state of panic as police went on an eight-hour manhunt just to track him down.

Sadly, by the time police had reached the 36-year-old alleged psychopath, the damage had been done. Five people had been murdered along with evidence of the usage of guns and fire.

It was also reported that his mom and aunt are amongst the dead.

Reports the Kaufman Herald:

Five people are dead following a series of shootings and suspected arson fires late Monday and early this morning. The suspect, Charles Everett Brownlow, Jr., was apprehended and is currently being held in Terrell, authorities said.

According to a report on The Terrell Tribune website, Luis Leal, 22, a store clerk at Ali’s Market at 700 W. Moore St. in Terrell, is among the victims.

During the early chaos of the investigation, investigators discovered that a white 2002 Ford Focus was missing from the residence on Stallings Street.

Additionally, an adult male who lives at the residence on Stallings Street was also missing. Police said they assumed the Ford Focus was stolen by the suspect (or suspects) and it was reported stolen. A bulletin was put out to law enforcement asking agencies to be on the lookout for the car and that it may be occupied by Brownlow, 36, — the missing resident.

At press time, no motive has been determined for the murders. Condolences to all affected by these tragic incidents.

Take a look at the gallery for pictures of the suspect and the confirmed victim, Luis Leal.

Photo: Terrell Police, YouTube, Twitter

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