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“Communication is the key to any unit staying together for so long.  Even I’ll admit that 18 years is a long time for a group of people to stay together.” ?uestlove

Many groups are unable to stand the test of time.  Legendary groups such as the Jackson 5, the Wu Tang Clan and The Beatles ended up cutting ties with one another in order to pursue solo careers.

With 18 years in the game, however, The Roots have been able to maintain as a musical group and although they may be growing individually, they have developed growth as a group as years have progressed.

The group recently celebrated with their 6th Annual Jam Session during the Grammy weekend and couldn’t really determine exactly how they have managed to do what most other groups fail to accomplish.

Weighing in possible factors such as having separate tours buses or fearing the poverty that could come as a result of breaking up, the Roots have embraced the saying that “united we stand, divided we fall”.

“We’ve been together so long that whatever bumps in the road that might present themselves, it’s already taken place and we’ve already worked out the kinks.” – Black Thought

With so much longevity within the music industry, the Roots were also able to speak on the ever changing craft within music and if they have been forced to abandon their own roots and conform or adapt to what is deemed as being acceptable to today’s standards, according to the corporate machine.

“I think we’re one of the last groups that were actually allowed to fully develop.  We like to think of ourselves as a more prestige artist…I think we definitely have one of the last honors of being the last Black band with a major record deal and a license to still create music without the pressure.” – ?uestlove

Stay on the lookout for the upcoming Roots album How I Got Over coming later this year.

Check footage from their session along with the rest of the interview below:

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