Birthdays make for the utmost reason for celebration and in the city of Los Angeles, you can expect that tenfold. Rap-A-Lot Records CEO, Jas Prince took to L.A.’s Supperclub Tuesday night (Oct. 29) to usher in another year of living and the stars soon followed. The mogul-in-the-making, posted up in one of the club’s many VIP sections with his new fiancée, Christina Milan and took in the scenery, which doubled as a Halloween party thrown by Supreme Team LA.

Directly across the room, Floyd Mayweather greeted supporters who were glad that he still maintains his undefeated status while rapper Jim Jones, used the opportunity to mellow out and enjoy the “vamp life.”

Meanwhile, there were other celebs having their own party within the party. Comedian DeRay Davis spoke with Hip-Hop Wired about his own personal experience, stating “Halloween is great because that’s where I get to see all my ex-b*tches dressed up like a new n***a’s b*tch” while casually pointing in the crowd.

Too $hort and Slim Thug also milled around the general area as nude models entered from the ceiling to deliver gold bottles to their respective tables.

Never one to skim out on a making a grand entrance, the boss Snoop Dogg immediately took to the DJ booth upon his arrival, welcoming the crowd, “To all my peoples not from here, welcome to LA! To everyone that grew up here, turn up one time,” in between puffs of his “sticky icky.”

The DJs on hand weren’t oblivious to his presence, as they threw “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in the mix. Snoop didn’t miss a beat; he recited the chorus to the energetic crowd before sliding through brief renditions of fan favorites, “Life of the Party” and “I Wanna Rock.”

Jas Prince seemed to be enjoying himself as well making sure his immediate circle was well taken care of. When asked how he felt about the evening’s turnout, he told Hip-Hop Wired with a smirk, “This is what I do. I do this sh*t.”

Well, there you have it. Take a look at the gallery to get a glimpse on exactly how everything went down.

Photo: Von Jackson/Six 27

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