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A Mexican border city was the site for tragedy as 13 students were killed when armed men barged into a party and attacked the unsuspecting victims.

These killings in Ciudad Juarez have risen the death toll to 24 people that have been killed in Mexico as a result of violence since Saturday.  The violence has emerged as a result on an ongoing turf war that has been waged between drug cartels within the country.

Ciudad Juarez is known as being one of the deadliest cities within the world which is located across the border from El Paso, Texas.

As it stands now, close to two dozen teens and young adults have been hospitalized in relation to the assault.

It was reported that then victims had all come together in order to witness a boxing match, according to Martha Lujan, who lived at the housing complex where most of the victims resided.  Other witnesses and family members stated that none of them should have actually had ties to any drug trafficking.

“It must have been a huge mistake,” said Lujan, while speaking with the Associated Press.

Lujan further detailed the event stating that two trucks pulled up and was packed with armed men who proceeded to open fire on the young adults.

According to Chihuahua State Attorney Patricia Gonzales, ten people were killed during the incident and the other three passed while in local hospitals.  When authorities arrived to the scene, bodies laid scattered throughout the house.

“I think there was some confusion,” a witness said. “We’re seeking justice.” The witness, Henry, prefers to only provide his first name in fear that it could lead to further retaliation.

This would not serve as the first act of violence recently in the city as 2,250 people have been a victim of the turf war in 2009.  The death toll has risen past 15, 000 in the past three years.

Sunday morning, authorities discovered three bodies that were burned inside an abandoned vehicle.  Another incident involved the murder of three women and two men, who officials stated were killed while driving in their van and their bodies were filled with bullets.