It looks like the infamy wasn’t enough for the wife of the world’s most powerful criminal wasn’t enough. El Chapo’s wife is taking her talents to VH1.


Mexican Instagram star uan Luis Lagunas Rosales  a.k.a. El Pirata De Culiacan was shot dead in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Many are saying it was his online slander of Mexican Cartel boss El Mencho that got him killed.


Yesterday (April 5), the Justice Department just announced that former Mexican drug lord Alfredo Beltran Leyva was sentenced to life in a U.S. prison for participating in an international narcotics trafficking conspiracy.


Florida has been the epicenter of the strange and newsworthy for much of 2015, and this year looks to be no different. A recent in-depth report uncovered a dastardly scheme involving two police departments that laundered millions for a series of international drug cartels.

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Guatemalan drug lord Marllory Chacon Rossell or Marllory Dadiana, 42, aka “The Queen of the South” was sentenced in a U.S. federal court in Miami on Tuesday, May 5. But the kicker is that the exact details of her case are going to be under wraps for at least five years.


The fight between police and violent drug cartels in Mexico has turned the country into a bloody war zone. An abducted troupe of musicians was the latest to suffer at the hands of criminals after their bodies were found in a well over the weekend and on Monday. 

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Mexico enjoys the distinction of having one of the world’s most vibrant economies and is a favored tourist destination by many, with millions of international visits per year. However, the country has become infamous for less favorable reasons lately. Mexico has been ravaged by violence due to the ongoing Mexican Drug War, which was sparked […]


A Mexican border city was the site for tragedy as 13 students were killed when armed men barged into a party and attacked the unsuspecting victims. These killings in Ciudad Juarez have risen the death toll to 24 people that have been killed in Mexico as a result of violence since Saturday.  The violence has […]