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Mexican Instagram star uan Luis Lagunas Rosales  a.k.a. El Pirata De Culiacan was shot dead in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Many are saying it was his online slander of Mexican Cartel boss El Mencho that got him killed.

According to El Diario, Rosales was ambushed by four assassins inside of a bar named Menta2 Cantaros and was pumped with 15 bullets before collapsing to the ground. Though many believe the video below where he bluntly states “El Mencho, to me, he jerks me off!” is what got him murdered, authorities have yet to state that is in fact the case.

El Pirata rose to social media fame for posting videos of himself getting white boy drunk and acting a fool as he did in said video. He became such a hit amongst his Mexican brethren that he began appearing in the music videos of Norteno bands such as Menos de Culiacan, Los Nuevos Rebeldes and Titanes de Durango.

Naturally, his death has had his fans mourning his demise while whispering what might have caused it.

Maybe someone should tell George Zimmerman that El Mencho was a co-producer on that Trayvon Martin documentary and let the chips fall where they may. We kid, we kid.

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