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Olivia Pope can’t win for losing at this point, and she’s cracking under the pressure. Luckily, there’s always a large glass of wine on deck to catch her when she falls. On last night’s (Oct. 31) Scandal episode titled, “More Cattle, Less Bull,” Ms. Pope got the boot from a Congresswoman with a dirty little secret in her past.

Josie Marcus got pregnant at 15, delivered a love child that she said was put up for adoption. Oh but wait, the baby was never put up for adoption, it was raised by her mom and grew up thinking Marcus was her sister.

Pope convinces Marcus to go public with the teen mom story before it gets leaked to the press. The move gets Washington D.C.’s professional “fixer” fired, and she doesn’t really take rejection well.

In the end Marcus realizes that Pope knows all, and regrets the pink slip. She’s not totally off the hook though,  there’s a whole bunch of other f-ckery going on.a


Photos: ABC

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