While the verdict is still on the outs for having a reoccurring Black actress on SNL, baby steps were taken on account of Kerry Washington, who held down hosting honors for the night.

The Scandal actress who, recently announced she was pregnant with her first child, filled in the blanks for roles only meant for a woman of color.

Lorne Michaels and the writers of the iconic sketch-comedy show didn’t squander an opportunity to address the controversy with humor. Jay Pharoah is the token Black actor on the cast and during last night’s episode, he was finally able to get proper Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey all from the sweat of Mrs. Washington.

Al Sharpton made a quick cameo to spoof his omnipresence with every civil altercation in popular media, as well as belt out the trademark, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

If you’re a fan of Scandal and Oliva Pope, you will surely enjoy seeing Kerry in a different light on the comedic side. See the gallery below for the best of her SNL performances and her photo ops in all her glowing glory.

Photo: SNL

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