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It’s always mind-boggling how fans can actually pay money to go to a show–just to disrupt it. Artists should always beware of a hater with money to burn.

Justin Bieber was the latest victim of a random act of maliciousness while trying to give the people of São Paulo, Brazil what they came to see.

A shirtless and tatted-up Bieber was finishing up his hit “Boyfriend” when an identified flying object was flung to the stage, knocking the mic from out of his hands.

The reaction was priceless.

There was no call for peace or partitioning for security to find the culprit. In true-to-thug-life mode, the Biebz gave the crowd the iciest of stares and strutted off the stage with his back turned, fearing no man or evil that shall lie behind him.

Perhaps he learned that from hanging with Lil Twist?

The incident occurred on JB’s Believe Tour (which still has several November and December dates remaining). Hopefully fans can keep it cordial and let the man-child sing in peace from now on. Check the video to see the assault attempt for yourself.



Photo: YouTube