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Even if you strip away all the awards, platinum plaques and immense coverage from the outside media, Eminem will always have the respect of the Hip-Hop community.

The attention his skin color brings is nothing that he ever swept under the rug (“If I was Black/I would have sold half,” he spit on 2002’s The Eminem Show). And despite a general opinion surrounding his beat selection, he’s never made it a point to stray away from the underworld of rap.

Case in point: his recent parlay with Buckshot on “Don’t Front.”

Serving as a bonus track for highly marketable MMLP2, it was a big bone of props to throw to the old school.

Not to mention it was a dope song, period. Which got us to thinking. The 90s are never coming back but what if Eminem kept it close to Duck Down Records a little while longer. Since he was close to signing with them and all.

So without further adieu, here’s 15 More Duck Down Songs Eminem Should Remake.

Dru Ha, make it happen.

Photo: Duck Down

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