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Former NFL Quarterback and 2003 co-MVP, Steve McNair, was found dead on Saturday, July 4, with multiple gun shots at a condominium in downtown Nashville, according to Nashville Metropolitan police spokesperson Don Aaron. It was located near 2nd South and Lea Avenue.

The bodies were found by friend Wayne Neely from whom McNair had rented the condominium from. He called friend Robert Gaddy who, in turn, dialed 911.

Through an autopsy that was done on Sunday morning, it was revealed that McNair, 36, suffered four gunshots, two in the head and two in the chest. The second victim, his girlfriend Sahel Kazemi, 20, died from gunshot wounds to the head.

According to authorities, the body of McNair was found seated on a living room sofa.

Along with this, the autopsy also showed that the two victims had died in the early hours of Saturday.

The weapon that was allegedly used, a semi-automatic pistol, was found under Kazemi’s body on the floor. Her body was found at the feet of McNair. Police are still waiting to see what the ballistics tests will show in order to determine whether the wounds that Kazemi suffered were self-inflicted which would indicate a homicide and a suicide.

As it stands now, Aaron has stated it has not been determined if Kazemi is responsible for the deeds, but he has maintained that they cannot be close-minded and must be open to all possible scenarios.

They are also awaiting laboratory test results before determining if McNair was a victim to a quarrel of lovers.

In terms of potential suspects, McNair’s wife, Michelle, has been ruled out by investigators.

Mc Nair played in the NFL for 13 seasons with 11 years being played for the Tennessee Titans. He retired after the 2007 season where he had played the last two seasons with the Baltimore Ravens.

Bud Adams, Jr., the owner of the Titans, released a statement that showed that the organization was devastated to hear of the loss of McNair. He noted that as a player, McNair played with unquestioned heart and leadership and was able to lead them to pastures they had never touched, including their only Super Bowl.

In a statement released by the family of McNair, they have stated that they appreciate the concern, thoughts and prayers and are just asking that everyone allow them time to mourn in the loss of a husband, father and son.

McNair leaves behind his wife and four sons Junior, Steven, Tyler and Trenton. He had recently opened a restaurant near Tennessee State University that was aimed at providing healthy, affordable food to the students.