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“2009 Obituary” Looking into an endless future and possibilities that are beyond the sky’s reach, it is necessary to take a glance back at what was and what has been lost in the journey. For Papoose, the glimpse back has provided a chance to see all of those that have fallen in 2009 can pay […]

2009 has been a hectic year for most, but the pain and suffering endured in the McNair family is one that may never heal. Although time may not be able to mask the murder of former Tennessee Titans QB Steve McNair, his son has found a means to deal with everything. Resorting to football as […]

In further investigation of the murder of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, the case has been ruled as a murder-suicide. Police have stated that Sahel Kazemi, 20, the girlfriend of McNair shot him in his right temple and then placed three more shots into him. Due to a lack of defensive wounds, they added that […]

Nashville police have revealed that the gun found at the murder scene of former Tennessee Titan quarterback Steve McNair was purchased by his mistress, Sahel Kazemi, just two days before the shooting. Investigators believe Kazemi, 20, purchased the pistol from a private vendor, hours after she was busted for drunk driving with McNair in her […]

Former NFL Quarterback and 2003 co-MVP, Steve McNair, was found dead on Saturday, July 4, with multiple gun shots at a condominium in downtown Nashville, according to Nashville Metropolitan police spokesperson Don Aaron. It was located near 2nd South and Lea Avenue. The bodies were found by friend Wayne Neely from whom McNair had rented […]