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Fashawn rarely disappoints, and you’re doing yourself a grave disservice if you don’t know why. The West Coast MC recently debuted a visual for an Evidence-produced track called “The Beginning.”

The black-and-white treatment shows Fash rhyming in on spot. Sounds boring, right? Well, that isn’t the case, as the rapper reacts to and is ultimately involved with everything happening around him. And then there’s bars like, “I plan to stack a ton of loot/And that’s the double truth/ Might jack your bubble goose,” that are worthy of a grimace or two.

“The Beginning” will appear on Fashawn’s sophomore album, The Ecology. Exile, producer of the lyricist’s critically acclaimed Boy Meets World album, served as executive producer on this project.

Check out the video for “The Beginning” and a statement by Evidence below.

“”The Beginning” is a really minimal track, it doesn’t even have a hi hat, so there’s not really much to hide behind here. I liked the combination of the loop and the drums to keep the sound raw. Running the beat through some lo fi filters and keeping Fashawn’s vocals on top and clean was my objective. When he spit me his rhymes I felt every word needed to be heard. To me this record and video is about him. Visualizing an environment in which he came from and showing everyday distractions in his life both personal and public and how they constantly try to distract him while he was focused on his craft in which in this case was the camera. That was our main goal. Adding on the one take aspect of it really made it a challenge and shooting it illegally with no permit didn’t help make this an easy task. Both Punit Dhesi and I looked at every aspect. The Minimal beat and black and white video we felt it would compliment each other perfectly. To me the video looks how the song feels. Fashawn has some really notable lines, originally I was going to be on there with him, but decided not to once I felt how focused he was on the record. For a very versatile artist this is my favorite side of Fashawn the MC. I’m really excited about the video and am really excited about his album. The world needs to hear it already.”

Photo: YouTube