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Jay Z’s Barneys backlash just won’t go away. The rapper, who has a upcoming business deal with the New York retailer, already issued a statement that he was simply waiting for all the pending facts to transpire, but folks won’t settle for the delay.

Even Al Sharpton got involved in the fuss.

Mr. Carter’s latest critic happens to be Jon Stewart. In all of his satirical glory and splendor, The Daily Show host mocked the incident he named “Jay-Z Penny.”

The comedian recalled Jay Z’s past dealings with racism, including his lashing out at George Zimmerman, Cristal boycott and the Grammy Awards. In a reaction to Jay Z’s “snap judgement” statement, Stewart quipped, “Is that Jay Z quoting…Jayzus?”

It was a subtle jab at Jay’s rhyming partner, Kanye West whose been in the news for his fair share of controversy in recent weeks.

The Kanye shots didn’t stop there. Comedian writer, Larry Wilmore took to the mic to speak the inevitable, “Jay Z doesn’t care about Black people.” Jon Stewart acknowledged the awkwardness, realizing he had taken on the role of Mike Myers from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina telethon.

With the holiday season fastly approaching, Jay Z has a big decision to make. If he choses to go ahead with the venture, is he at risk for being boycotted himself?

While you ponder on that, watch the video on the flip to entertain yourself.

[Via The Daily Show]

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