Jon Stewart is returning to host "The Daily Show" eight years after his departure. Comedy Central made the surprising announcement on Wednesday.


Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart are both known for their biting social and political commentary and have had massive success in many arenas by way of stand-up comedy. The two are returning to their comedy roots and announced a joint tour that kicks off next month.

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With Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report and a humorous final visit by President Barack Obama, it was only fitting for the Commander-In-Chief to visit the outgoing The Daily Show set. During the chat, Jon Stewart got news that his retirement plans might have to shift a bit if President Obama gets to have it his way.


With the announcement that South African comedian Trevor Noah will be taking over hosting duties for Comedy Central’s popular The Daily Show program, naturally people wanted to know more about him.


Since its inception in 1996, we’ve seen The Daily Show evolve from Craig Kilborn’s vehicle to a by the numbers, nightly talk show, to the best political satire on TV. Yesterday, many a fan was understandably sad to hear Jon Stewart was leaving the flagship show after taking over hosting duties in 1999.


Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show after 15 years. The comedian announced the news to an audience during a taping today (Feb. 10).

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Entrenched Republican and former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee attacked Beyoncé in his new book, theorizing that Jay Z is “arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp” in regards to her career.

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Jay Z’s Barneys backlash just won’t go away. The rapper, who has a upcoming business deal with the New York retailer, already issued a statement that he was simply waiting for all the pending facts to transpire, but folks won’t settle for the delay.

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Over the weekend, the much ballyhooed unscripted political debate between liberal jokester Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s Daily Show and conservative blowhard Bill O’Reilly, host of FOX’s O’Reilly Factor, was supposed to be a blistering affair with the talking heads of differing views setting off conversational pyrotechnics. Instead, the event dubbed “The Rumble In The […]

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Common Dismisses White House Controversy On The Daily Show Rapper, actor and author Common appeared on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and talked with host Jon Stewart about the controversy surrounding his visit to the White House earlier this year. “At first, I thought it was humorous… Then I realized they just didn’t know me, […]

As promised Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly sat down to have a debate over the lyrics of Chicago emcee Common. As previously reported, O’Reilly and FOX News criticized Michelle Obama for inviting the rapper to the White House to read poetry because he celebrates violence and cop-killing in his lyrics. Defending Common, Stewart argued that […]