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With Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report and a humorous final visit by President Barack Obama, it was only fitting for the Commander-In-Chief to visit the outgoing The Daily Show set. During the chat, Jon Stewart got news that his retirement plans might have to shift a bit if President Obama gets to have it his way.

While some jokes flew here and there, Stewart and Obama were mostly about serious business. Many of the president’s talking points centered on his last 18 months and his policy plans. There was chatter focused on Iran and the heavily criticized nuclear deal, with Obama defending his choice. Obama made a fantastic dig at the previous administration regarding the deal, but, for the most part, the president played it extremely safe.

The interview’s funniest moment came near the top of the interview when Obama said that he intends to issue an executive order in support of Stewart remaining the host of The Daily Show.

Watch President Barack Obama chop it up with Jon Stewart and The Daily Show in the clip below.

[h/t Daily Intelligencer]

Photo: Hulu/Comedy Central